Maasai kids education program

Maasai Kids Education program started during the dry season of 2021. Samuel Lekato the founder was concerned with alarming rate of drop outs in the villages. We held a meeting and agreed illiteracy as pillar of sustainable development in future. We believed that every kid has a right to basic education regardless of the background.

In Kenya the academic calendar is divided into 3 quarters and schools are either public schools or private schools. The nearby schools in our village is 8km and 5km simultaneously. Kids walk to and fro daily while other do boarding schools, depending on the parents’ ability. While it is challenging to walk daily due to wildlife threat, nomads’ kids are trained to be strong and leaders at young age.

It is also our dream to build a library in our village. This library will be a resource centre and a research centre for the kids. It is a humble environment for kids studying after school. It is a dream we are writing and one day it will come into reality.

The program targets children from less fortunate families, orphans and single parent families. Depending on your ability you choose the categories and number of student to cater that semester. we also have an adoption option where you take the full responsibility and throughout you will be mentoring and catering for the kids. Support us to fully eradicate illiteracy in Maasailand. Little consistent efforts will make change and great impact.