Enduata Emaa community based organization primary goal is restoration, conservation, climate change education, sustainability and eradicating illiteracy. Maasai community lives in the southern part of Kenya and they are entirely pastoral community. We have been affected by climate change (constant draughts and famines have led to loss of livestock and food insecurity). Green Planet Ambassadors team up to address climate change in the community, food insecurity, restoration, conservation.

Within the organization we have two programs that is Green Planet Ambassadors and Maasai’s kid Education program. Green planet Ambassadors is composed of the awareness and environment team; it is tasked with the following responsibilities:

  1. Restoring the environment.
  2. Conserving the environment.
  3. Planting trees.
  4. Creating awareness on climate change and conservation.
  5. Climate change education.
  6. Sustainable agriculture (kitchen gardens)

Green planet Ambassadors by July 2023 has recorded the following successes:

  1. Planting trees: we have planted over 1000 trees in 10 Maasai villages. We have introduced 5 species of acacias and Crotone trees. Crotone tree we took seeds from Tanzania, favourably it was good as the wildlife doesn’t eat it. As we live next to the park, wildlife is a threat and Crotone served the best solution. We are dreaming of planting 10,000 trees in a 2 years’ time.
  2. We have built 50 units of kitchen garden to 6 Maasai villages. Kitchen gardens are storey gardens we use it to provide vegetable to families. This is a climate change adaptive measure to maasai community who are a pastoral community.
  3. We have hold seminars training to the community about climate change, conservation and sustainable agriculture. This talks w as to make the community climate change resilient.
  4. We have travelled to 3 schools teaching the kids about climate change and conservation.

Support us let’s make the planet green and suistainable