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Campaign Against female genital mutilation, Early marriages and Teenage pregnancy

Maasai community is a pastoral community that resides in Kenya. We migrate seasonally to places with green pastures and water. Female genital mutilation is a traditional practice that is not good for health. Excessive bleeding at times led to death. Early pregnancies and early marriages are also a ghost here. Due to a lack of sex education and information teenage pregnancy is rampant and leading to school drop-outs. When these teenage drops out, the parent is discouraged and married off. Early marriages have made many girls not to achieve their dreams in our society. The trend in the year 2020, Covid 19 pandemic was shocking. It almost wiped out every family and a girl’s dream. Our community-based organization have stepped in, we have been holding workshops and seminars to create awareness through experienced community educator. As policymakers, we also engage parents and churches to address this menace. Every Maasai girl should have an equal chance and avenue to fulfill her dream. Let’s team up to end FGM, early prenancies and early marriages!

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Most women in the village don’t have basic education and therefore no formal jobs. We understand women are pillars in families, when empowered we can reduce poverty levels and lift families. We will achieve this by creating a basket fund that can be used as micro-loans; this will enable them to come up with small and medium enterprises. The loans will be charged small interest, the profits will be used to buy goats for disadvantaged families. We will also introduce social entrepreneurship lessons to the ladies. We will nurture their small and medium enterprise and use these platforms to teach them health education, financial management, and sustainable development. Women running enterprises will enable us to fight poverty and empower them.

Our Top Priorities


Educationg kids, women, and whole Maasai community


We are on a mission to plant 10.000 trees


With participatory approach and impact analysis we determine restoration measures


Educating and empowering our Maasai women

Health issues

Bringing awareness to our people about health issues

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