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Taking Maasai boys and girls to school. Put a smile on a kid by taking them to the class

Maasai community has a high illiteracy level with many dropouts annually. Particularly in 2021, the numbers were high. Our community only keeps cows, that year’s drought resulted in families not being able to cater school fees thus many dropped out. We currently have 30 kids, 15 boys, and 15 girls. We took them to school, this number is currently low but we are aiming to expand it. These kids are from fewer disadvantaged families, widows, and orphans. We believe basic education for all is the way to go. Basic education is the weapon against malpractice, and poverty, and an agent of sustainable development. Help us take a Maasai kid to school!

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Maasai people are pastoral community that delayed to embraced education and thus illiteracy levels are high. When they seasonally migrate in search of pastures and water the kid’s school calendar is affected. Our community-based organization steps in to promote and advocate for basic education for every nomad kid. The Kenyan school calendar has 3 semesters each year. A semester has 3 months, they are boarding schools and day schools in private and public schools. Our project takes kids to Esiteti primary school 8km away from the village. We aim to take them to board as walking daily to and from for small kids a passage with elephants, buffaloes, and at times lions is dangerous.

Our Top Priorities


Educationg kids, women, and whole Maasai community


We are on a mission to plant 10.000 trees


With participatory approach and impact analysis we determine restoration measures


Educating and empowering our Maasai women

Health issues

Bringing awareness to our people about health issues

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