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Diversifying our ways of Life from Pastoral to Mix Economy

Our Community depend on livestock rearing and pastoralism, a practice that has since been affected by drought. We use a participatory approach and impact analysis to determine the ecological restoration measures that will help in the short-term and long-term to combat these disasters in the future, we are advocating for a diversified economy.

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We have introduced a kitchen garden that will help villagers to have vegetables, unlike days we had to wait for 3 markets days to get them 30km away. We must advance this idea as it has solved malnutrition in the village. We have 30 units now; one unit for 6 people each. We need more units with time. Tree planting is also a primary goal in our organization, we are on a mission to plant 10,000 trees. In our last consultation meeting, we decided to venture into species with economic values and that is fruit trees. Next year we will plant fruit trees and other trees around schools and Maasai villages

Our Top Priorities


Educationg kids, women, and whole Maasai community


We are on a mission to plant 10.000 trees


With participatory approach and impact analysis we determine restoration measures


Educating and empowering our Maasai women

Health issues

Bringing awareness to our people about health issues

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