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Maasai History

The pastoral Maasai are fully nomadic, wandering in bands throughout the year and subsisting almost entirely on the meat, blood, and milk of their herds. Their kraal, consisting of a large circular thornbush fence around a ring of mud-dung houses, holds four to eight families and their herds. Polygyny is common among older men; wife lending occurs between men of the same age set. Marriage involves a substantial bride price in livestock.

They are indigenous Maasai from Kenya and inhibit the African Great Lakes region.

Our History

Enduata Emaa community-based organization was founded in the year 2021 by Samuel Lekato. This was the time when we had drought and famine within Maasailand. Cows were dying, kids were sent back due to school fees, and high teenage dropouts. Samuel assembled youths, change makers, and fees of the community to bring change and transform the community substantially. We now advocate climate change, take kids to school, educate the community about health education, and plant trees.

Enduata means vision in the Maasai language, and Emma means the Maasai community. We are registered by the government of Kenya.


Our Achievements

  • Introducing sustainable agriculture
  • Taking 30 kids to school
  • Advocate climate action
  • Helping the communities
  • Conserving the enviroment
  • Planting trees
  • Mentorship programs
  • Creating awareness
  • Women and youths empowerment

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What We Do

Education programs of Maasai

Our community steps to promote and advocate for the education of our kids.

Empowering women and youth

We believe that every Maasai girl should have a chance to fulfill her dreams. We understand that women are pillars of families and when empowered can reduce poverty.

Creating awareness in health issues and climate action

We use a participatory approach and impact analysis to determine the ecological restoration measures that will help in the short-term and long-term to combat these disasters in the future, we are advocating for a diversified economy.


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kids in school

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